Pullman-Library - Jim Kinkaid Collection

Several years ago, Jim Kinkaid posted a good portion of his collection of builder's and other freight car photos to the Photos area of the Modern Freight Car List, while that listing was available as a Yahoo Group. Subsequently, Yahoo abandoned support of Groups and most groups migrated messages, etc. to the Groups.IO platform.

The Modern Freight Car List made that transition, but there was no means to transfer the large collection to the new platform. Jim Kinkaid and MFCL owner, Jim Eager sought another means to make this useful collection more generally available. In 2019 Jim Kinkaid agreed to donate portions of his collection to the Pullman Library of the Illinois Railway Museum. As an advance, he has provided electronic copies of the freight car collection and we are pleased to offer them for view and download via this site. The files have been organized alphabetically by railroad reporting marks.

Pullman Library January 2021